CLS Custom Upholsterers & Refinishers

I love this sofa, I just wish…

How many times have you considered replacing your old sofa because it’s missing a certain something? Maybe you wish it had firmer cushions or taller arms? Or maybe that tufting that you loved so much when you first bought it now looks too stuffy for the contemporary feel of your new decor. Whatever your reasons, sometimes change isn’t good; it’s great! But that doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your sofa (or chair, or loveseat!).

Getting custom furniture can be a great option when you want to keep your existing furniture but need a change. The most important thing when it comes to reupholstery is the bones of your furniture. A professional upholsterer will know that it’s the wood inside your piece is what gives it the overall shape and silhouette; so if you love that the rest can be altered with a combination dense cotton filling, high density, foam, and hand-picked fabrics all of which are unavailable on a mass production piece.

Different fabrics work for different scenarios, and a professional upholsterer will not only have the stock you want but will also be able to help steer you toward the right fabrics for your lifestyle. That silk fabric you love might look amazing on your couch, but if you have young children and big dogs it’s not likely to last very long. While a department store salesman is going to talk to you about color when you buy your new chair, the person doing the reupholstery is an artist so they’ll know what fabrics work best in what room, and what weight they should use for the job you’re asking them to do. 

The arms of your piece are something that most people think just “are”. Many don’t realize that the look and feel of the arms can be changed just by replacing the batting and foam inside. Want it wider? Maybe taller? It’s all possible when you work with a professional reupholstery company like CLS Custom Upholsterers and Furniture Refinishing. 

Reupholstery is a way of taking your old furniture and renewing it as custom furniture. Suddenly, that piece that you may have bought from a showroom floor becomes a bespoke piece of functional art created just for you. 

Sometimes furniture can almost become a member of the family, and it can be hard to let go. Thankfully, with reupholstery and a professional upholsterer, you don’t have to. By having your pieces stripped down to the bones and rebuilt with your needs and wishes in mind, you’ll get to save the piece, give it new life, and give it a new chance to be passed down in your family to the next generation.