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Most of us use our attics to store items we no longer need. But did you know that a trip to your attic might just reveal a hidden gem? That neglected furniture you stored there a while back can prove helpful if you give it another chance through furniture refinishing.

In this article, we explore the many benefits of bringing such furniture back to life. Read on to get inspired to revive that old furniture waiting to be restored.

Rediscover the Value of Old Furniture

Many old furniture pieces were constructed with quality materials compared to modern furniture. Such items were built at a time when quality and attention to detail were the rule. The wood to make such furniture came from mature trees with robust grains, offering beauty and strength. For you to acquire the same furniture today, you’ll find that you spend an arm and a leg. Instead of buying new furniture, refocus on that old coffee table or sofa in your attic. All it needs is some fixing, and you will have a quality piece with aesthetic appeal.

A Chance for Customization

Another benefit of refurnishing old furniture is the chance to customize your furniture into something truly yours. It’s possible you inherited that dresser from your parents, but maybe you didn’t like the color. Refinishing allows you to choose a hue more suited to your style. You can also change the knobs and go with something more modern. The customization options are endless. This is your opportunity to play designer and ensure the piece matches your current home décor. It’s like giving your furniture a makeover that highlights its best features and lets its personality shine through, making your home more you.

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Make Your Home Sustainable

Refurnishing your home isn’t just about improving your home’s aesthetics. It’s also about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You’re doing the world a favor when you restore that old furniture. Instead of your furniture ending somewhere in a landfill, you’ll be recycling that forgotten table or chair into a treasured piece. In addition, you reduce the need for raw materials needed to make a new piece or the energy required to ship it. Therefore, refinishing doesn’t just bring old furniture back to life but helps keep the earth greener.

Improve Your Home’s Functionality

Refinishing your old furniture is more than just making it look pretty again. It’s also about making your home work for you. That old chest can become your new storage for blankets and other items, and that old desk could become your new office desk. By allowing our team to combine some creativity and effort, these old pieces can add charm to your space while making your home more functional.

A Chance to Relive Memories

There is a story behind every scratch, dent, or peeling paint. Whether that desk bore witness to the late-night working or that table hosting family gatherings for many years, each piece has a story. Refinishing your furniture allows you to relive these memories. However, it’s not just about memories. By restoring that desk, you’re allowing it to be part of new memories and celebrations. It’s like you’re honoring the past while enabling this piece to be part of your current life.

Get to Own an Antique Piece

There’s a reason you decided to put that piece of furniture into your attic instead of discarding it. You knew it was an antique piece and understood it held sentimental value. In most cases, antique furniture pieces are durable and also become family heirlooms. Imagine how good you’ll feel telling your friend that your coffee table once belonged to your parents’ parents. You’ll feel proud knowing you own an antique piece in your home. The good thing with refinishing is that the furniture can be restored so that it looks just like the first day your parents got it.

How to Start Your Attic Treasure Hunt

Dedicate one day to explore the hidden gems in your attic. It’s also a chance to declutter, discard unnecessary items, and organize your attic. When looking for pieces you want to refinish, don’t let their worn-out look discourage you. That battered chair could have a solid structure and a long life left in it.

Identifying Candidates for Refinishing

To ensure your refinishing projects go well, you have to choose suitable candidates. Once you have your furniture pieces, start examining their structural integrity. Furniture that is free from major damages is ideal. In addition, certain types of wood, like mahogany, walnut, and oak, are excellent candidates for refinishing because of their durability. Understandably, you may not know how to determine if your piece is a good candidate for refinishing. Our team can help with that. We will examine the furniture for you and advise on the next step.

DIY vs. Professional Refinishing

When considering a refinishing project, you may feel like taking on the challenge is cool. However, consider the benefits of professional refinishing against the potential pitfalls of a DIY approach. Professional refinishing comes with the benefits of expert craftmanship, access to high-quality materials, and a detailed understanding of historical preservation techniques. Experts also have the right tools to safely strip the furniture without causing any further damage.

While DIY can be rewarding, it can also lead to costly mistakes like uneven sanding, improper application of finishes, or even damage to the wood itself. If you’re working with a valuable antique or have a strong attachment to your furniture, it’s best to avoid DIY. Choosing professional refinishing ensures that your cherished pieces are restored with the care, respect, and expertise they deserve. That’s because the team accurately assesses the needs of each piece and applies the right technique to achieve the best results.

Have you discovered a piece of furniture in your attic that can be restored? Why not let CLS Custom Upholsterers & Refinishing refurbish it? Our team ensures that each piece looks beautiful and retains its character and integrity for years to come. Contact us today, and let us help you revive the furniture in your attic.

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