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Get Your Existing Living Room Furniture Custom Made on Long Island in a Timely Fashion!

Is there anything more convenient than getting an honest assessment of your furniture from lifelong upholsterers? The answer is probably no. After discussing your furniture on the phone and going over some of the specifics, we can help you determine whether it is worth considering or not.

With a CLS shop-at-home experience, we can evaluate the furniture on-site and explain how, many times, we can correct & improve the inherent flaws of most mass-produced furniture. These days, we do more of this than ever before!

Shop at Home Furniture Long Island NY

An Expert, Objective Opinion Every Time

The ability to gain our customers’ trust and have them reach out for our opinion is extremely important to us. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we have been in business for three generations and still going strong.

But wait, it gets better! Not only do you get a professional and honest evaluation of your furniture from builders of custom furniture with years of upholstery craftsmanship under our belts, but you get the personal assistance of a furniture designer to guide you through selecting the perfect fabric to transform your furniture.

Shop at Home Furniture Long Island NY

Transform Your Home… From the Comfort of Your Home

Don’t let a van full of fabric books intimidate you; we are there to guide you through the process with professional opinions. We have done all of the research and work into securing the most up to date, durable, comfortable and cost-effective fabrics that are being made today.

To see the fabrics in your own home, under the lighting that they will be placed under makes all the difference in picking the right colors to accent your home and your existing furniture. We try to make the process as convenient and as easy for you as possible.

Call now to discuss your own personal shop at home appointment to transform your pieces into brand new works of art.

Shop at Home Furniture Long Island NY


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