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When it comes to window treatments, your options are almost limitless. Curtains, blinds, and shades offer a variety of benefits from offering you privacy, to darkening a room, to serving as a beautiful way to dress up your windows. Hunter Douglas curtains and blinds are an extremely popular, and high-quality company known to offer an almost endless number of fabric and material options, so no matter what style of décor is in your home, they’ll have something to compliment your look. No matter what you need, it sometimes helps to have a professional offer some advice, and if you’re looking for help, an expert such as those at CLS Custom Upholsterers and Furniture Refinishing can help you decide on the type, style, and color.

So, what’s the best choice for your windows?

The answer is: it depends on your room!

Sheer curtains are a popular way to add a little bit of privacy without sacrificing natural light. For most, this choice is popular either on their own in a room such as a street facing kitchen window, or along with a heavier drape (often on double curtain rods) in order to allow various levels of light in a room such as a den, where you may want to have more options.

For your bedroom, you may want to look into blackout curtains. As the name indicates, these curtains block out (or blackout) all of the light that comes in through the window, making for a great sleeping environment. To make the window treatments multi-purpose, you may want to pair these with sheer curtains to give aesthetic appeal during the daytime.

Curtains and drapes are a perennial choice for windows and even glass doors. Drapery can add a light and fun touch, or a rich and dramatic feel, depending on the fabrics and hardware you choose. It can be used to create a mood, or simply for privacy.

These are just a few of the window treatment options out there. When considering all of your options, the choices can be dizzying, so after you’ve looked through styles, consider consulting a professional to help guide you along your way to the perfect look for your windows, you’ll see the difference in the results, and your home will thank you.