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What is an Upholsterer?

The word “upholstery” originates from the late 15th century English language word, “upholder”. It referred to an artisan who held up their goods. At the time it meant more about repairing goods rather than creating upholstered goods from scratch. In today’s language, we refer to an artisan of upholstery as an “upholsterer.” But an upholsterer we call an artisan. Why? Because a true artisan not only transforms a piece into better than its original glory, but takes tremendous pride in doing so.

Frequently, a client has an older piece of furniture, with a solid frame made in the USA. One they mistakenly think is past its prime. They are under the impression that discarding it and buying new furniture, possibly from a chain store, makes the most sense. This idea is usually false. The older the frame is, certainly 8-10 years old or more, the more likely it was to have been hand-constructed and not mass-produced like today’s furniture. Anything made overseas, typically, will not give you even 3-5 years of good service.

If the frame has stood the test of time up until now, why not upholster it? This is when it will be elevated:

  • Newly sprung
  • Tightened
  • Padded
  • Cushioned with the fabric applied by a practiced hand.

Speaking of fabric, you get to choose your own fabric for the piece from an enormous selection of virtually unlimited fabrics, all in the comfort of your own home.

You will get just as many years (if not more) out of it, leaving a legacy to pass down to future generations.

The other choice is to go out and purchase a mass-produced product, with limited fabric options (if any). A lot of the chain stores now are selling the piece “as you see it”, with no option to choose fabric selection, comfort level or styles. Cross your fingers and hope it lasts more than 3 years… then find yourself back in the same arena looking for new furniture, once again.

Obviously, furniture upholstery cannot be for everyone, but it certainly pays to do your homework. Doesn’t it make sense to speak to a lifelong upholsterer for your furniture needs? Also, the opportunity to visit a true upholstery shop and watch master artisans at work is a treat indeed. An artisan earns his reputation on recommendations and referrals not designed obsolescence. When presented with the opportunity, it is one you should not pass up.

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