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Why is consumer confidence in the new furniture available on the mass market today so low? Quite simply, when today’s consumer goes to a mass-market store to purchase a new couch, loveseat, chair, etc., their expectations for quality & durability have become greatly diminished.

In a recent survey, people revealed that they typically expect their new furniture to last just 3-5 years. That number is way down from 10-12 years, which was the average expectation just 15 years ago.

When one of the local craftsmen from CLS reupholsters your furniture here in our Long Island furniture workshop, you can be assured that it will be built to last. And if your existing furniture was not made in the US, we can build you brand-new “forever furniture” from solid maple, right here in our shop in Bohemia, NY! Stop by our showroom to see the types of pieces we offer, then speak with an owner to customize your order to your exact specifications, from fabrics to the size and density of your foam cushions.

Here is the current state of New Furniture, as available on the mass market from the “big guys.” Suffice it to say, it’s not made in Brooklyn anymore:

  • Furniture discounts and sale prices are the #1 reason most consumers cite for their decision to purchase. As a result, the buyers for the retail chains are continually trying to force prices down.
  • Manufacturers respond by reducing production and material costs.
  • Everything in the furniture supply chain, especially parts and materials that cannot be seen, is subject to cost cutting.
  • Lowering labor costs has become a vital competitive strategy.
  • Customers often complain that all furniture seems to look the same. There is a lot of truth to this perception.
  • Current styling is largely dictated by what can be mass manufactured most efficiently by low-paid workers with minimal skills.
  • Everything has become simplified to reduce the need for expensive skilled workers.
  • Covers are pre-sewn and “socked on” to eliminate time-consuming upholstering that requires more skill.
  • Cheaper foam will last just long enough to satisfy the warranty. Using tight (non removable) cushions also reduces the amount of foam required.

Non-removable cushions also dramatically reduce the cost of fabric, while increasing the stress on the fabric. This is especially critical when trying to access the part of the sofa that will typically fail first, namely the foam.

Plywood (and engineered wood) have replaced solid hardwood frames for mass-produced furniture. Huge computerized CNC routers pump out bendable “fast frames” cheaply made to just barely satisfy the 3 year warranty.

Find out how CLS furniture stands the test of time and delivers maximum value over the long haul. Call (888) 272-6623 to speak to an owner today!

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