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Every home has some type of wooden furniture. Perhaps a dining room table, a chair, a coffee table, an office desk, or any other kind of furniture. But while wood is versatile and beautiful, it also tends to degrade over time, losing its appeal. When that happens, we must decide whether to buy a new piece or try to save the old. But what if that piece of furniture holds sentimental value? One of the best options is refinishing it.

In this article, we guide you through refinishing your home’s wood furniture to give it new life.

What Does Wood Refinishing Entail?

Refinishing wood furniture involves stripping the existing finish and applying a new one. The term is broad, as refinishing can be performed in many ways. But generally, if a piece of furniture is being refinished, it can be cleaned, sanded, stained or painted, polished, and sealed to help give it a new look. Also, keep in mind that refinishing doesn’t have to involve significant repairs. When should you refinish wood furniture? Here are some signs to look out for.

  • The surface feels sticky even after you have cleaned it
  • The wood has changed and turned darker, while the clear coat has shifted to a yellow tint
  • Noticeable water marks under the finish that won’t go away even after applying wood cleaning products
  • The existing finish is starting to flake or chip off

Best Woods to Refinish

Most people wonder if the furniture they own can be refinished. Well, you will be happy to know that most types of wood can be refinished. Let’s look at some common types of wood used to make furniture and which ones are the best candidates.

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Cherry is one of the best types of wood to work with. In addition, it smells nice and ages like fine wine. One of the reasons people love this wood is because of its rich color. That said, working with cherry wood can be tricky, so you may want to consider hiring an expert for these refinishing projects. As mentioned, this wood darkens with age, and you might notice a big difference in color between the heartwood and the sapwood. An expert will know how to finish this wood, giving your furniture a new look.


With that gleaming finish, maple wood furniture like dressers and desks always look amazing. No matter how worn out your furniture is, you can give it a new look through careful sanding and applying the correct type of refinish. Understand that its density can make staining challenging because it can absorb the stain unevenly—that’s why you may want to let the experts handle this.


Oak is another common type of wood that has been used for thousands of years to make furniture, thanks to its availability. It’s a solid option for refinishing projects as it absorbs stains and finishes evenly.


Mahogany is known for its durability and beauty. It has a reddish-brown color that deepens with time and is easy to work with. Since this wood type has a straight grain and finishes nicely, it is popularly used on fine furniture.


Walnut wood features a fine grain and deep color and finishes nicely. If you have an old dresser, coffee table, or chair made of this material and is starting to wear out, consider refinishing it.

Other common types of wood that can be refinished include teak, birch, ash, and pine. Hardwoods like maple, cherry, and oak are more durable and finish well.

Benefits of Refinishing Old Wooden Furniture

Preserve Its Sentimental Value

A piece of furniture that has been in your family for a long time holds significant value. But with time, it will start to look outdated because of years of wear and tear or changing fashion trends. Instead of throwing it away, why not refinish it and pass it on to the next generation?

Give Your Furniture a New Look

Refinishing furniture is almost the same as repainting a wall. Even if you apply the same paint color, your home will look more appealing because you have eliminated stains and other blemishes. The same applies to refinishing. You are removing watermarks and other stains from your furniture, giving it a new look.

Preserve Old Items

Of late, many people have noticed that new furniture isn’t as sturdy as it used to be. Nowadays, furniture pieces aren’t often made with quality wood. And when they are, the prices are through the roof. That’s why people decide to restore old pieces instead of buying something new. Refinishing old furniture allows you to retain your quality piece and give it a fresh look without purchasing low-quality furniture.

Environmental Benefits

Making new furniture involves the use of new materials. Even if you invest in eco-friendly and sustainable furniture, the bottom line is that new material has to be used. Refinishing is more environmentally friendly because no new raw woods are being consumed.

Save Money

More than anything else, refinishing furniture will save you money. The process is typically less expensive than buying new furniture from the store. This is an excellent solution for someone looking to avoid the heavy price tag associated with new furniture.

Working With an Expert to Refinish Your Old Wooden Furniture

While DIY is popular, involving an expert in your wood furniture refinishing project is often advisable. They have the skills and tools to do the job correctly. Consider working with an expert, especially if you own an antique piece of furniture or your piece isn’t stable. Such furniture tends to be delicate, and you may end up damaging them. An expert will know how to navigate such complexities.

From giving your furniture a new look to extending its longevity and durability, these are just some of the benefits you get from wood furniture refinishing. So, why throw away that old dresser or coffee table when you can revive its beauty?

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