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There is a certain allure that comes from old furniture. Maybe it’s a family heirloom that you cherish and want to ensure you can pass on to your kids. Don’t feel hopeless if that beloved piece begins to show wear, as grandma’s furniture can often be restored.

Whether it’s a sofa, end table, accent chair, dining room table, or any other piece, you don’t have to throw it away just because it’s looking rough around the edges. You can give the furniture a new look or restore it to its original glory.

What Does Furniture Restoration Entail?

Furniture restoration is breathing new life into an old or worn-out piece. Restoring it brings it back to its former condition or even better. Restoration is a great way to preserve items of sentimental value so that you don’t have to throw away that armchair your grandma passed down to you.

Furniture restoration can involve several things, including repair, reupholstering, and refinishing. Sometimes, all your furniture may need is some refinishing, and it’s back to its original condition. In other instances, it may need repair or reupholstery to give it a new look. Bring your furniture to an upholstery expert if you’re wondering if your furniture is worth restoring. They will inspect it and suggest what’s right.

Ways to Save Old Furniture

There are three ways you can save old furniture. The best choice will depend on the level of damage and your end goal. Let’s take a look at ways to save old furniture.


This process involves stripping the furniture to its frame, covering it in a new fabric, and reassembling it. It’s a lot of work, but the results can be astounding, especially if you hire a professional upholsterer. You can reupholster items like a worn sofa, old chair, bed headboard, or an ottoman.


Another way to save old furniture is by repairing it. Are your furniture legs broken? Maybe the joints are loose. If your dining seats have structural damage, an upholsterer can fix them, giving them new life.


You may find all your old furniture needs is refinishing to revitalize it. For example, if you have tried removing stains from your wooden furniture, but they won’t bulge, then refinishing can help you eliminate those marks. Also, refinishing can eliminate blemishes and restore faded wood.

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Benefits of Saving Old Furniture

It can be tempting to dispose of old furniture once it starts looking less than pleasant. But before throwing it away, consider restoring it first. Here are some benefits of saving that old furniture.

Preserve the History of a Sentimental Piece

One of the benefits of restoring that old sofa, coffee table, or accent chair is to preserve its history. If this piece has been passed down from a previous generation, it holds sentimental value, and you’ll want to maintain it. That’s especially true if you want to pass it down to your kids. Instead of feeling helpless as you watch the garbage truck haul it away, give it another shot at life by restoring it.

Retain its Value

Just because grandma’s dining room table and chair are old, it doesn’t mean they’re cheap. If this is an antique piece that holds real value, it’s worth saving. In fact, some people hunt vintage and antique furniture because of their value. A furniture expert can skillfully restore the piece, helping it retain its value or even increasing it.

Extend the Life of the Piece

When you restore that old piece, you extend its life. If the sofa is worn out, reupholstering gives it more years of use and value. In addition, most old furniture has been made with quality wood, which we don’t see in today’s pieces. After a successful refinish or repair, a 40-year-old accent chair can last another 40 years.

You May Not Find Another Piece Like That Again

The truth is that the older a piece of furniture is, the less likely you can get something like that in the market today. Don’t be surprised if you find that that end table from your grandma is the only one of its kind remaining. Saving it ensures you retain a unique piece that brings individuality to your home.

Save Money

In certain instances, restoring an old piece of furniture can be less expensive than replacing it with a new one. For example, buying a new dining table and chair is costly. You can be sure that purchasing a mid-century dining set is more expensive than restoring what you have. Consider saving what you own instead of buying a new piece to save money.

Maintain the Same Furniture Size

Some of us understand the struggles of fitting big furniture into small spaces. It can be pretty frustrating. With restoring old furniture, you don’t have to worry whether the new piece will fit into your room. You’ll keep enjoying the same perfectly sized furniture in your home without moving things to accommodate the new sofa or table.

Hire an Expert to Help You Save Old Furniture

While some people enjoy DIY projects, they may not be aware of the complications of saving old furniture. Even experts experience challenges when trying to restore a piece of old furniture.

For example, when refinishing an old wood dining table, you must remember that different types of wood have varying personalities. The exact steps you will take to refinish a pine wood chair may not be the same steps you take to refinish an oak wood chair.

In addition, sometimes, you start a project without knowing how difficult it will be. You may leave the project midway because you have many other things to do. To avoid creating a project and not finishing it, hire an expert. Whether your grandma’s furniture needs repairing, reupholstering, or refinishing, an expert will complete the task effectively.

In conclusion, Grandma’s old furniture can be saved. You just need the right experts to help you restore life back into it. Their skills, attention to detail, and experience will help you preserve the sentimental value of your treasured furniture.

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