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Nassau County, NY

I will never forget the new upholstery shop. It still stands at 101 Main Street in Mineola. It was a 150 year old building and boy, was it a mess! I can still hear my father carrying on about how it would never be ready to open for the upcoming season.

It was July 1967, and my oldest brother Sandy just got home from Vietnam. He recruited his younger brother Jimmy, who was 15, along with a few cronies from Roosevelt to clean and restore the interior of the 3500 square foot mess of a building while Pop was closing up our Brooklyn shop.

Little Jimmy did the bulk of the physical work while Sandy was trying to figure out how to earn a living using our upholstery skills. When the shop opened it was quite a spectacle with new carpets, walls, and loaded with provincial furniture. Although we weren’t selling much, the payroll was low, our father was able to support his wife, four sons and daughter.

As the shop became more established, because the Mineola- Garden City- Willliston Park – Roslyn community loved supporting local businesses, the thought of doing “reupholstery” became a reality. By 1969 it became profitable and suddenly there was new light at the end of the tunnel.

We thought we had found the Mineola area, but the Mineola area along with the surrounding towns were finding us. We have long standing roots in Port Washington, Manhasset, New Hyde Park, Garden City Park, East Williston and Hempstead. The reupholstery and restoration of older furniture was exciting, and Pop and his sons Sandy and Jimmy were doing well. Next up was the expansion to a new, larger facility in Suffolk to better serve all of New York.