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Manhattan, NY

Manhattan is the place where the Catalano family first put its feet on U.S. soil. In 1913, Simone Catalano arrived at Ellis Island and settled in a tenement dwelling on Elizabeth Street. The area was composed of predominantly Italian and Jewish immigrants who survived in an environment now affectionately known as “The Bowery.”

Simone’s son Michael “Pop” Catalano was born November 15, 1915. After graduating 8th grade, he started working at Major Furniture, an upholstery factory. He started as a “springer” coinciding with the Great Depression in 1929. A rough year, by all accounts. Michael had to work to help support his mother, his father and two siblings. It was there that he learned his craft, and worked hard for Mr. Milgrim to get ahead.

In 1942, Pop enlisted and all was on hold until after WWII. After 4 years, he safely returned home and began living his dream. He started a family and opened the “Lincoln Upholstery Shop” in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY.

Over 70 years later, CLS continues to maintain our Manhattan roots. We work with customers throughout New York City, consistently exceeding expectations by meeting the standard set by Pop three generations ago.